Visit Jordan with Dr. Yousef

With Dr. Yousef, YOU go much beyond your expectations about Jordan.
It is time to visit Jordan and have the ultimate touring experience in the rich Biblical and cultural heritage land.
Select your tour by organizing it with Dr. Yousef according to your concerns and interests. He can also organize it through an official tour operator. 
Dr. Yousef’s long Experience enables him to fulfill your expectations and go much beyond. 
00962- 796147714   or   00962- 772338234
Dr. Yousef offers YOU all Traveling Choices:
*      One  day visit to:

·         Petra
·         Madaba and Nebo
·         Dead Sea and Baptism site
·         Jarash, Ajloun Castle  & Ajloun Reserve   
·         Jarash and Decapolis cites
·         Amman city tour & Desert Castles
·         Dana Biosphere Reserve
·         Petra from Eilat   

*         2  up to 7 days  visit all over Jordan

·         Lawrence of Arabia in Jordan
·         Biblical and faith tours
·         Cultural and Heritage tours 
·         Nature and Eco Trails
·         World War One battle sites
·         Volunteerism with refugees, vulnerable sectors, farmers and Bedouins
·         Overnight trails with authentic Bedouins and farmers
·         Islamic trails

·         Tour guide and tour leader since 1995
·         Founder of Jordan Tourism Trails concept
·         National coordinator of Abraham Path Imitative Trail API
·         Manager of Old Testament Research Center
·         Manager of Dibeen Nature Reserve
·         Writer of “In the Footsteps of Lawrence of Arabia and Emir Faisal” 
·         Expert consultant and member of the Tourism Committee for the Ministry of Tourism and Archeology.
·         Tour guide and Tour leader with International Tour Operators. (USA, UK, Australia, European Union and others)


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