Tuesday, March 8, 2016

World of fear

Written by: Ali Taha Alnobani

© 2016 by THE BIRD(http://www.thebirdali.com/)

When we were together in the car
The street was very crowded
Ghosts and real people
I tried to control steering wheel
But many ideas were going on in my head
Report in the newspaper
Scandal in the skies of madness
Bullets directed to innocents
So I have to stop love
When we were together in the car
We ran out of deadlock and canned ideas
We tried to pick the moment of life
Trees sympathized with us
Endocrine rocks sympathized with us 
But, we were scared
Here, the king of life is fear

Saturday, February 6, 2016

Hunger Games in the Middle East

Written by: Ali Taha Alnobani

©2016  by THE BIRD(http://www.thebirdali.com/)
All the world weapons now are in the Middle East, rich people are preparing their passports, and poor civilians are preparing their empty stomachs for more hunger games and more crazy blood.
The TV screens shine with tears and sadness instead of development and hope which they wait for it a long time, millions of innocent children came by mistake to this sad area of Earth to die or live with disability.
Hey friends all over the world
Prays are not enough to stop the madness in the Middle East, we need your loud voice to support the sound of mind, logic and peace. Yes, we have many strange ideas which need discussion, chance to meditate, but surely not war, that may begin here at a time nobody knows where it ends.

Saturday, January 9, 2016

Believers kill non-believers even if they are their parents!

Written By: Ali Taha Alnobani  

© 2016 by THE BIRD(http://www.thebirdali.com/)

A member in ISIS (Islamic State In Iraq And Syria) killed his mother because she asked to him to leave ISIS ! I didn't find any results for the report in English.
In middle of Al Raqqa city in Syria Ali Sakur shot his mother in front of citizens to prove his loyalty to ISIS on Friday 8/1/2016. His mother Lina Qasim was working in the post office of Tabaka one of the Furat river villages near Raqqah governorate, she advised her son to leave ISIS, when ISIS knew; they accused her of Riddah – leaving Islam_.
 Traditional media will say that this behavior is not from our culture, but the fact is different, they taught us in the elementary governmental school that Abu Obeidah - one of the most important Islamic leaders - killed his father in Badr _ the first battle in the Islamic history between Islam and Kuffar ( non-believers).
This incident is a new separation in Middle East journey with terrorism; we have to think more and more in this issue.  It is not easy to expect that your son will kill you one day just because you didn't accept his thoughts.

Wednesday, December 30, 2015

All ships pass, but don't stay

Written by: Ali Taha Alnobani
© 2015 by THE BIRD(http://www.thebirdali.com/)
Don't forget the sad face which entered in the cloud when happiness left forever
Can you come back and tell me why?
I'm very sad today until the end of this nightmare
That face was true such as those multi function things in our way
Use it to play
Use it to work
Use it to kill
And use it to stay alone inside the cloud
I'm so sad
My spirit became like a futile game in a far island
No children to play
No horizon
No way
All ships pass, but don't stay
I am sad

Saturday, December 12, 2015

Drive out evil from our world!

Written by: Ali Taha Alnobani

© 2015 by THE BIRD(http://www.thebirdali.com/)

Why to bring children to this world?
Every time I understand another idea about life, I feel strong pain in my mind and heart: why did I bring my sons to this selfish world? Everything these days leads to war and madness.
There are two kinds of human in this world: the first wants to live, and the second wants to collect everything in his pocket, regardless what happened to the others: famine, poverty, misery, and the large number of curses that fly over the world. Where does all this evil come from?
Those who are staying silent are more negative, they want to keep silly profits for themselves, and let the world go to hell. Can't we raise our voices for peace and life? Silence will strengthen devils, enemies of life, and cruelty.
I think, every one of us should raise his voice for our children future, because this world is not the devil's home, it is our mysterious song for love and goodness.
Like your lovely child who plays with his toy, there is another one cries painfully in another place in this world, and like you have a patient in the hospital receives care, there are another one dies in the streets.
 So drive out evil from our world with our loud voice. Don’t stay silent!