Thursday, December 16, 2010


 By: Fateh Kassab
© 2011 by THE BIRD(

One of the ancient tales says that a tyrant king ruled by iron and fire. He ignored the feelings of the elite and the commoners and oppressed the philosophers and scientists. He was a smart king who predicted the behaviors of people through spies appointed by his advisor, who collected jokes told by people about the King, his entourage, the growing corruption and greed that had no boundaries. Every day the spies came to the advisor early in the morning to tell their master the new jokes.
One day the spies told him that they did not hear any new jokes for a week. The advisor was shocked and hurried to the King to tell him the bad news. The people arrived to the point of explosion and that if they didn't move today they will tomorrow. The king was panicked and ordered the servants to prepare for a no return trip. The advisor didn't understand and asked why? The king answered, it became more useful for him to survive before the hands of the oppressed and the unfortunate reached him. They have nothing left to fear anymore.


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