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Sunday, September 28, 2014

Mission Impossible

By: Fateh Kassab
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To be a teacher in a third world country means that you are out of reach. You are in a planet unknown.
If you plan to be a teacher, you have to know in advance that you are on your own. As soon as you graduate from the university you are directly thrown into a classroom without any training or help. After that, your principal or supervisor expects you to be a super teacher and have the ability to achieve miracles with nothing to use or no one to guide or help you.

Another shock that you are going to experience is that you have no choice in your career. For example, you might be assigned to teach grade six, but the next day you have to teach grade 9. In addition to that, the school lacks almost everything. You do not find cardboards and markers to make a teaching aid, for example. If you ask for advice to improve ways of teaching, you will get nothing from your colleagues or may be laughed at because you are “weird”.

Another obstacle you will for sure encounter is the lack of real training. I have been a teacher for nearly twenty two years. The first real training that I had was three years ago; and guess what, it was not held by the ministry of education. It was done by an independent academy. Another real training that I had was held at AMIDEAST in 2013.

If we put the things we mentioned above together, the result will be unqualified teachers. This means that students will be the victims of such a collapsed system of education. But do we really know where this tragedy will lead the future of our countries to? I claim that I know. I think the result will be more collapse in educational system which will result in more dangerous consequences; a cultural collapse and greater political, economic and social corruption. 




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