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Friday, October 17, 2014

America and ISIS

By: Fateh Kassab

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Do the Americans believe and trust their administrations concerning the foreign policy?
Are the administrations trustworthy enough to be followed without questioning their decisions?
Are these administrations real representatives of the American voters?
Can these administrations act against the will of the lobbies that control the domestic and foreign policies?
As a neutral observer, I think that the Americans deserve better administrations than those that rule their country. The tax payers- the middle and the poor classes- fund the wars that the weapons and the oil lobbies arouse around the world for the benefits of those lobbies only. The tax payers get nothing in return. No health insurance, no decent education and even no work for the unemployed. They are almost slaves for those lobbies. But do these unjust policies only harm the Americans? The answer, I think, is no.
The foreign American policy is based on creating conflicts in the different parts of the world and managing them to achieve the high interest of America- the one that achieves benefits for the lobbies. The ISIS organization is a good example for this theory. To understand how this organization came to life, a brief historical background is needed. ISIS is the spoiled child of Al Qaeda, and Al Qaeda was formed in the 1970s by the CIA and the friend regimes of USA in the Middle East- the Arabian Gulf countries. They encouraged Arab and Muslim young men to start a holy war against the Soviet Union in Afghanistan. The volunteers were trained, funded and armed by USA and its friends in the Middle East. The real aim of that “holy” war was to exhaust the Soviet Union- the competing super power for USA. During the war, the Regan administration hosted the Islamic fighters, allowed them to raise money in the USA and called them “freedom fighters”. After the withdrawal of the Soviet army from Afghanistan, the Americans, as usual, tried to get rid of those fighters, because they can no more bring any benefits for the Americans and their friends. As a result of that, Al Qaeda organization announced a holy war against “the crusaders” and attracted more people to embrace its beliefs and fight with it. Because the same regimes that supported and armed them to fight the Soviet Union in Afghanistan, started chasing and hunting them. The other reason for war against USA was because the Americans supported corrupt and dictator regimes in the Middle East. These regimes oppressed and chased the moderate and liberal parties that supported democracy and human rights, which helped the fanatic fighters to gain more popular support and sympathy. Decades later, when the Arab peoples revolted against these dictators, the Americans chose to help and support the Muslim Brotherhood against the liberal and moderate parties in the Middle East. All these factors resulted in catastrophic consequences on the world.
The peoples in the Middle East have profound beliefs that the American administrations have only one priority in their agendas, the interests only. The democracy and human rights can wait or even go to hell, because they are something the Middle Easterners do not deserve. A proof of that was when ISIS occupied vast areas in Iraq and Syria, the Pentagon did not act till ISIS threatened the Kurdish allies in north Iraq. They did not say or do anything concerning the massacres against the innocent civilians in the area. The air strikes against ISIS in Kobani did not stop or even weaken the military abilities of the organization because these strikes were in the desert and on empty facilities that the ISIS fighter abandoned before the air campaign. Why does this happen? Simply because the Turkish government-Muslim Brotherhood- is a member of the NATO and wants to get rid of the Kurdish Labour Party, which fights for the freedom of the Kurdish people, and against the oppression of the Turkish government.
To be frank, we, in the Middle East, do not trust any intentions of the American administrations. We also think that these administrations will keep on supporting dictatorships and creating more conflicts in the Middle East to protect the interests of the oil and weapons lobbies. The result is: to the hell with the American tax payers and the bloodshed in the Middle East.

Friday October 17, 2014    



  1. I absolutely agree that US admin. created Democratic logos & others just to spread their control worldwide, I doubt they believe in them. one of the most fatal microbes they created is ISIS which need international collaborations to face.
    Ashraf Nattah

  2. We should not forget that Europe is part of what is happening because it is an ally of USA.

  3. Unfortunately
    "End justifies the means" still the philosophy of US despite all decorated speech.

  4. Also we shouldn't forget that some arab regimes have an essential contribution to end up with this phenomenon.
    A. Nattah


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