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Thursday, November 4, 2010

My crutches

By: Ali Taha Alnobani
© 2011 by THE BIRD(

There, I walked with  Nabatians in Petra
My crutches:
You shared me all my life
But I didn't
I was a bird
My wings shared the love rhyme
To take a look before the adventure
To have love forever
My desire is wider than the open sea and the sky
 Feathers which grew on my two crutches
Drank the wind like a roaring waterfall
I can understand the madness
I can live in a wild flower
Then fly with the pollen
To taste the remote ports
And breathe like sails
The story started in a remote forest
When a strange man was chopping the wood
 Then a crazy magician puffed on them to be crutches
Till that moment, I had no wings
But the feathers grew from my soul in a very cold night
The fire shaped me to be a love bird
 Singing once and traveling an other
" you are mad" said the trees
My face, my neck, were nervous
And afraid of squeeze
The long days became short
And my desire is as wide as the seas
I couldn't escape
But I knew life more and more
Inside me
There is a cave of horror echo
A voice asked me to try
To go out
To have a moment with the vast sky
Angels and monsters are living together
An angel upstairs
A monster downstairs
None sees the other
But the bird
Can draw his mad city
Despite the long roads
And the dark cave
My crutches
I'm the heart of the earth
And you are my sail
To draw the life taste
And you
Believe me; start now
There are many things to do
For the sake of love and life                                                    

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  1. He(Hi) Ali, Nice thought Dude. You are a real hero

  2. interesting good write!
    Susan Palli

  3. great write!
    Nicole Sharon Brown

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