Thursday, August 11, 2011

A Zionist Friend!

Story By: Ali Taha Alnobani
Translated by: Fateh Kassab
 © 2011 by Ali Taha Alnoban

           I never imagined that one day I will have a Zionist friend even if it's online. How did I make such a mistake?  How would I approve of the humanity of someone who doesn't approve of mine? How can I forget this enormous number of crimes that are broadcast publicly on satellite TV? And how will I justify it to my friends; the rightists will accuse me of betrayal, and the leftists will accuse me of treason and normalization with the enemy. Yes, I gave them this golden opportunity on a platter of gold because of my audacity and slapdash reaction. Me! The careful one who used to count to hundred before taking a single step!
Again, the circumstances are conspiring against me; I made this mistake in a critical time, few moments before I left for the damned trip. I was adding the largest possible number of friends on a social website in order to mobilize pro-democracy and human rights, and while I was pressing the button of friendship requests automatically and sequentially; I discovered that I had sent a friend request to someone who wrote his name next to his image in Hebrew ... Yes, in Hebrew; next to his status was the flag of the Zionist entity; the flag which combines all the opposites: the color blue, which I love very much, and the memory of blood, carnages, and deportation. The Star of David, that reminds me of my childhood when a lot of people carried amulets decorated with this star because they thought that it was a blessing symbol.

Believe me Sa'eed, I did not pay attention. It happened by mistake. I fell in deep thought thinking about the feasibility of what I do. I wondered: Are there values and morals that control the world? Is it ruled by the desires of the criminals and the greedy and the closed horizons of darkness? I did not see a proof to support the hypothesis of supreme ideals; the State of evil lasted for centuries; but the state of the good lasted for hours. Why should I run eagerly towards the light while grievances keep on pulling me back?

       I regretted a lot and said to myself, he will reject my friendship request and disburden me the consequences of his appearance in the list of my friends.

       Today, before I left home, I had twenty minutes to check it out; unfortunately I found his image among the list of my friends. I tried to cancel his friendship, but I did not know how to do it in this damned website. It is different from other social websites; its complexities need a special skill to deal with. And when I received your call, I left for the trip very upset.

Sa'eed was looking out of the window of the bus toward the distant horizon: "Beyond this desert, a friend of my new friend is sitting in house built above the ruins of my house, and the key that my father keeps for decades has become an icon for the virtual meetings that did not happen, like your virtual meetings, Ahmad! All those whom I was supposed to live among in Haifa[i] , and be my neighbors, relatives and friends grew up with other men and women, in worlds extending from the shantytowns to the palaces of the Arabian Nights. Their heights and weights changed depending on new space and time made by a friend of my new friend, who scattered papers at this very time to make me live in the palaces of confusion and loss, and to compare my short life with the time and the maze of days.
 All of those places that were supposed to shape me and I was supposed to shape them, and to fill me with excitement and fill them with memories and songs, and be a core pillar and ring of their existence are now a space for outsiders who do not understand their language and pulse; and do not know how many of the stories sent their curses on them from an ancient profound depths of knowledge that became Gods and sang: 'O my children, sing with us:  Yuya  Yuya, Palestine is my mother ... Yuya ...[ii]
Ahmed patted on Sa'eed's shoulder, and looked around in apprehension: What's up Sa'eed? Will you say any word to relief me?
Sa'eed said, while rubbing his nose with his finger tip: "Don't worry. When we arrive we will cancel this friendship and things will be just fine". Ahmed looked at him while murmuring: "Yes, even if I had to cancel my account on that website".
Sa'eed fell in a deep thought again:" They lived here among us for thousands of years, oh God! My humanity can not endure all this hostility, how can they endure it? Aren't they human beings with souls, mouths and eyes? Don't they hurt for seeing blood and wailing? Didn't they see Muhammad al-Durrah [iii], with his tiny body, trembling behind the iron barrel till his voice left to the memory of eternal hostility to flame curses of an endless time of war and destruction? Didn't they listen to the screams of Huda Ghalia[iv] when she choked with maize grains after hearing the last breaths of her family?

Ahmed said- while Sa'eed was drying his cheek as he looked out the window-:" We have arrived, let's end this problem before it gets worse."
They hurried to the nearest Internet café; it is too urgent matter to do it at home. Ahmed logged into his account and started a search for his Zionist friend. Then he shouted "Sa'eed!"

- What's the matter? said Sa'eed.
- He deleted me from the list of his friends.

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[i]  Haifa is a Palestinian city occupied by Israel in 1948. Most of its Arab citizens were deported by Israelis to the nearing Arab countries and the rest of the world.    
  Yuya : is a famous  Palestinian Folklore first sang among Palestinian refugees to express their agony.   [ii]
[iii]  Muhammad al-Durrah: is a Palestinian child whose killing by Israeli soldiers was documented by press in the west bank in Palestine in the second Intifada , you can watch on the following link :

[iv] Huda Ghalia :  a poor palastinian  child whose family was killed by Israeli bombing on Gaza beach while they were on a picnic. She was the only survivor of her family, the bombing targeted civilians and there were no military encounters to justify the bombing in that time. You can watch  on the following link:

My Other Half 

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  1. Wonderful story ...

  2. very Good & wonderful story .

  3. it's really ... amazing ... Keep it up Mr Ali ...
    adham from egypt

  4. I love butterflies. For unexplained reasons, whenever I see a butterfly, my mind says, “Somewhere a miracle is happening.” I guess that’s why I love to surround myself with butterflies – on notebooks, jewelry, paintings, etc. This way, I’m literally surrounded with the reminder that miracles are happening around us all the time. Next time you see a butterfly – whether it’s in person, in a picture, on jewelry, on television, wherever (!) – say out loud, “A miracle is happening somewhere right now!” -- NOR AKMAR NORDIN (MALAYSIA)

  5. Dear Freind,
    This a true story,that could face each one of us everyday,i passed this experience too , but i didnt delete or logg him,i decieded to continue facing the situation to the direction that i chosen and never backed up or hide our believes,and i tell u what there was nothing to loose,on the conterery i think i won this confontration.But to be honest i dont advice anyone to do the same like me because our situation is different we got nothing to loose,second we deal with them dialy so we got used for their thoughts and fake believes and mentality and everything ,so we got eneough experience to deal with them on solid basis.

  6. Your story was written artistically...very nice narration. I just wonder why having a zionist friend online could affect that much. Are all zionists generally are criminals?

  7. The States of evil is lasted for centuries, until the end of the world, is promised by devil,but they never totally control the world, and they can be Jews, Arab, American, Asian. Palestine problem can be solved if arab brotherhood are strong enough but infact the arab countries around Palestine indirectly support Israil for their domestic interest. Arabic country should learn from Iran on how they can survive under huge pressure and embargo.

  8. I look forward to the day when people will stop thinking and start loving each other as human beings.

  9. Thanks for sharing...very good story

  10. wow thank you dear friend i liked it

  11. "I look forward to the day when people will stop thinking and start loving each other as human beings. "
    ..I subscribe.
    too much hate in this world, and I wonder why? maybe these words can be a reason> tear apart and conquer...

  12. I'm thingking something about this friendship.It's like a Tower of Babylon that builds together then collapsed...ellapsed..

  13. Its a true story that each of us could face ever day of our life's. But If one puts aside differences of religion and political views. And embrace each other as friends, for who they are and not judge each other for our religious views or what country we come from Then that would be the true essence of our humanity.

  14. Its a true story that each of us could face ever day of our life's. But If one puts aside differences of religion and political views. And embrace each other as friends, for who they are and not judge each other for our religious views or what country we come from Then that would be the true essence of our humanity.

  15. Very nice story --- relates the real humanity and friendship irrespective to any religious and political thoughts of the entire universe.

  16. wonderful narration! beautifully written.....

    Anant !

  17. I like it very much, I wish it was longer, and I my heart wa ery anxious of the story. i hope one ay the palistine and isreal will live beside each other if not love, but respect as brothers or cusins, in peace with respect as human on this planet.

  18. It is a beautiful story .. and a sad one too.. I so wish people would see beyond.. race.. color and religion... cheers for a world free of prejudice ..

  19. wow thank you dear friend i liked it
    wonderful story

  20. Ali, my friend,

    On you have invited me to read your new short story. I have always enjoyed your art. This story is a very sad story. Please don't defriend me.

  21. it is sad but I have learned that in life nothing happens by chance. Sometimes we have to make a stop in our way and think: "Why God allowed this to happen?" take care.

  22. enemy is educated ilussion! We all are brother ans sister IN LIFE. I wish you ETERNAL LIFE Ali
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    I arrived at the Vatican! Pope can not be replaced and can not hide!
    You have been given to participate in the biggest show in the history of humanity "Resurrection"! They hide, delete, distort and redirect my messages so you do not see! Search on Google and YouTube IULIAN JUGAREAN

  23. Thank you for the story. I have read it several time and I think there is a deep truth in it.

  24. Thank you ! touching
    very nice ... Lujzi kelemen

  25. Thankyou Ali as usual deep and meaningful!

  26. Sad story. But me and the most of the people in Croatia - know only for good and bad people - no matter race, nation, political vew, religion etc.
    Regards from island of Krk,

  27. Walk with me when ur hearts needs company, take my hand when u feel all alone, turn to me when u need some1 to lean on, coz I'm a friend u can always depend on

    • If ur friendship be money, I'll be richest man. If ur friendship be pounds, I'll be heaviest man. If ur friendship be luv, I'll be luckiest man. But ur friendship is trust & I'm the happiest man

    • Friendship never speaks volumes, it never demands proof, it never has a happy ending too simply coz it doesn't end as long as friends r true, just like U!

    • Medicines and friendships cure our problems. The only difference is that friendships don't have an expiry date.

    so friend happy friendship day

    Don’t Walk in front of me, I may not follow.
    Don’t walk behind me, I may not lead.
    Walk beside me and be my friend.”

    i can talk with a friend
    And walk with friend
    And share my umbrella
    In the rain

    I can play with a friend
    And stay with a friend
    And learn with a friend
    And explain

    I can eat with a friend
    And compete with a friend
    And even sometimes disagree.

    I can ride with a friend
    And take pride with a friend
    A friend can mean
    So much to me!

    This short story on friendship is very inspiring and tells you about true friendship. It teaches a valuable lesson about friendship and how friends should be. Every short fable or tale on friendship has some valuable lesson it it. So check out this short story about friends.

    Long time ago in ancient Greece, there was a man named Socrates who was highly knowledgeable and an esteemed philosopher. He was approached by a fellow one day. That person told Socrates that he has some information to tell him about his friend. Before he could even start talking about his friend, Socrates told him to take a test known as the Triple Filter Test.

    The first test was the filter of truth. Socrates asked him if the information he had was the truth. The person said that he had just heard it on the way and was not sure if it was the absolute truth. The second filter was that of Goodness. He asked if the information was regarding anything good about his friend. The man said it was actually the opposite. The third filter was that of Usefulness. Socrates asked if the information was useful to him in any way. The man replied in the negative.

    Socrates then replied that when the information regarding a friend is not true, good or useful, then why it should be conveyed at all. The moral of the story is that you may always participate in loose gossip, but when it comes to your friends it is just not worth it. You know your friends better than others. So you must avoid talking behind the back of your dearest friends. It only leads to strained relations and shows that you are not reliable or trustworthy as a friend.

    Happy Friendship Day to You too!

    The world would be so lonely, in sunny hours or gray. Without the gift of friendship, to help us every day.

    Friendship is a special kind of love.

    Make new friends and keep the old, one is silver and the other gold
    Chandra Mohan

  28. You really inspire me Ali, Thanks

  29. this is very thought provoking Ali, and it must be difficult to be biased in a war torn country as this, but I do know that God loves us all equally, it is only Man who has this difficulty to discern between his Brothers.

  30. Really write very well, congratulations. Thanks for letting me know your writings. Keep it up and God bless

  31. Thank you my dear friend, of course it's important to know and make real conclusions, but the decision will be valid and useful only if the majority of people of all nationalities to understand, do no harm near and far, all the rest by itself will disappear and not be a problem of global !!!! Many regards! Have very nice day!! Your friend Liza

  32. thanks n keep writing!that a wonderfull story.

  33. Very impresive!!. and it might not be a tale...surely it may happen in some place! in some time,.among all the years of conflict...but i just can say, that even on the dryest desert, can grow a beautiful flower!!....Thank yo for share with me!.....Deelyy

  34. Dear Ali,
    Thank u for this wisdom story, i hope everyone who reads it will understand the lesson.
    Khaled Husseini

  35. Dear Ali, i read u story, it impresses me. I added to my favorites because i want to read it again. U made me think a lot.
    Best regards, I hope to get in touch again. Be well, happy and have peace.

    Alba N.

  36. Hi Ali, I read A Zionist friend. Of course the story could have turned out different. The two could have become friends, talked to each other, tried to find common ground.Don't you think that happens, too?
    Joe Rosenberg

  37. Good story my friend .
    Hussni Ali

  38. I want to thank you for sharing with me this information and accompanying videos ........ thanks, a thousand and a thousand thanks

  39. perfect story........!!!!!

  40. Mr. Ali Taha
    What I read in the beautiful itself
    I am from my personal opinion, I do not mind that you endorse an enemy for several reasons, first to learn how to live and know how to think .. They do this, and evidence of this, a candidate of the presidency of the Zionist entity presence in more than one country during the revolutions of flammable Arab spring .. In Egypt, Tunisia, Yemen, Libya, and .... Etc.
    Why do not we do this?
    Is the existence between the peoples of these revolutions knew a lot about those people
    Because we think is true .... !!
    Where are we from the Zionist ideology?
    Already pretty


  42. I am an American who in the early years of my youth used to say entertain negative stereo types about people in Communist countries.
    Soon after that I became Muslim as I was of
    the Christian indoctrination before. In this discovery that people without spiritual cohesiveness, or lack of understanding and a general propensity for respect of others are evil, or incorrigible. Thus, I begin to see
    that people to have weaknesses that only truly loving God can dispel. And how is it that we love Him? It is the same way we love each other,
    or humanity, with depth of feeling. I read once
    a book entitled "You Didn't Do It For Me." by
    author Michellah Wrung in which she told the
    story about the occupation of Ethiopia. In one
    of her illustrations she points to a scene in the Middle East where East Africans were missed
    treated by White Egyptians, and denied the same privileges to use Airport terminal facilities as their White counterpoints. This bespeaks of
    the same allocations of "superiority" that the Zionist(Israelis) proclaim over the Palestinians.

  43. Hello, nice story, i guess this things happens for be better humans, God says love your brother, and even we have many religions, all of us are brothers, so..... we have to forget and forgiven for have a better world now a days...

  44. good story... wish it could be understood and learnt by all as a lesson of real love.

  45. hi, I do not understand why you sent me this story, not because I sent a friend request, what I saw in this text, was a man without personality, fearful, and worried about opinaio of others toward him and, because , friendship, and not just have one name on the list of online friends, either, you build anything on top of it just listen, I am a child of God and how He I seek to have an impartial upon human beings irrespective of creed or ethnicities. I'm Jewish, I love my people but I do not imagine, how people I knew to do and barbaric acts of terrorism, and not judge your people, for others who also commit earth, I think that each and every one and to have friends who have to give and have a great love within the heart. and of course, I do not want to relate to people who think much of what I difrentee it would not work, because this is also referred ta in the words of God, not seek out people with unequal yoke. That's why you sent me I see how writing
    He was right, and the text and preconceituso.

    how you see things never come alone by his leg. but rather ideas, navigate through seas perigosos.bella

  46. dear friend : If you review the story you will not find any word means jews, the story is talking about Zionism , I really respect all religions and haven't any hard feelings to any. If you read history with a just vision you will know what this story means . Do you accept any people in this world to transfer you out of your home country and make his own legends instead of you?? that what happened wth palastinians. have a nice day

  47. Mary Lynn Wise Hurd AndersonAugust 17, 2011 at 8:13 PM

    Ahava Shalom...Some see the irony of things that create hostility in any group or given situation. If a Zionist is a person that protects their land that was given to them by Yahova, then I am one! I do not promote hostility toward any one, however, no one has the right to take a land, not their or that has not given to them by Elohim! I really do not understand that line of thought or their intentions?

  48. Dear friends
    It isn't easy to understand what it means to be refugee and lose your homeland because the so called super powers have interests in a certain area and need to secure them, so they kick the natives out and settle new ones in their land. This is what happened to the Palestinians when Britain gave their land to the Jews from Europe in order to secure the British interests in the Arab world. How will you act if someone stronger than you kicked you out of you house because they think that God gave it to them?

  49. I think personally, that the existence of war or hostility and the peace that all there is:
    1. IN THE HEART ---> when inside a heart full of love regardless of who he is with religion or with different beliefs, or what social status and how he, SURE THERE IS NO WAR OR HOSTILITY.
    2. MIND / COMMON SENSE ---> if all people possessed of sound mind and wise, evil will not exist on this earth. Because common sense and the mind controlled by her selfish and arrogant and has no sense of LOVE, the war or hostilities would not cease on this earth. The pride that is the cause of Destruction.

  50. Dear Ali,

    Firstly, this is written interestingly! Knowing English is not your first language I admire your skill. I also have seen the love in your heart for all peoples, and the want of bringing people together worldwide.

    I am a Christian, given to the idea that all this bickering amongst the tribes of the world is the outcrop of fallen man's sinful nature. But knowing this in my heart, it is still difficult watching all the suffering mankind projects upon themselves.

    The great poet Robert Burns wrote in 1785

    'Many and sharp the num'rous ills
    Inwoven with our frame!
    More pointed still we make ourselves
    Regret, remorse, and shame!
    And Man, whose heav'n-erected face
    The smiles of love adorn, -
    Man's inhumanity to man
    Makes countless thousands mourn!

    I believe until the end of time as we know it, there will continue to be strife amongst the nations of this world. And because of this, as individuals, we must protect what is our own. That is all we can do, and if God be for us, who can stand against us? I understand what you are saying. From afar, I stand at your side.


  51. I belief one day we will leave together with no one claiming ownership of any territory coz all will be united


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  60. Salaam / Shalom / Peace / Pax



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