Tuesday, July 5, 2011

A Word

By : Ali Taha Alnobani
© 2011 by Ali Taha Alnobani

With my words

I'm flying now
Catching the theme of the sky
That is scared  of the great hijack
Which takes meanings of love
And rolling along the past
That sometimes covers life with blue
And other times with black
When my ideas became so silly
And my memory went back
Those whom I lost were there
Near the indistinct rugged cloud
Laughing with heaven
Crying with Earth
And suffering from lack
Here,  alone I can see
Small things with no feelings
Touching the edge of the sag
She travelled with sadness
On her nag
My heart became a word
Just a word written on a rag

My Other Half 

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  1. jingo carl pagayunanJuly 9, 2011 at 2:20 AM

    im finished reding this poem,teary eyed.

  2. Do not kill your creativity. I've read your poem, good

  3. I like your poem... and remember this one, would like to share with you.

    captive bird
    …Weapon on a tree branch, the trapdoor, and soon a little careless bird, flapping their wings fall into slavery.
    You give him then as splendid home, gilded cage. You give him birdseed, and fresh water, and eggs and everything.
    Why is it that, since everything is given, should the bird be mute, creepy and sad without singing?
    You see, children, birds do not talk.
    Just chirping their pain exhale, men cannot understand them;
    if birds could talk, maybe your ears would listen to what this captive bird mean:
    "I do not want your birdseed!
    I like most the food I look freely in the woods where you saw me flying.
    I have fresh water in a dark corner. In the jungle I was born among the verdure of the forest, I have fruit and flowers no need for you!
    Do not steal my freedom ... I want to fly! Fly!”
    These things the bird would say:
    “I do not want your splendid cage! No wealth can console me of having lost what I lost ...
    I prefer the humble nest built, leaves, quiet, hidden.
    Let me go to wind and sun!
    By what right do you compel me to slavery?
    I welcome the doves of the afterglow! I wish, at dusk, my few miserable singing songs!
    Why take me? Let me go, you coward!
    ... God gave me for cage the vastness! Seeing such anguish would your shaking hand open the door of the prison?

  4. this is wonderful.I love it.simple words but fruitful.keep it up.good job.

  5. your word is definitely engraved on our souls and not on a rag,, very inspiring


  7. very beautiful poem!!written by heart!thank you !

  8. Keywords thin at the time of oppression

  9. são palavras que mexem com o sentimento do ser humano

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