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Thursday, December 16, 2010


 By: Fateh Kassab
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One of the ancient tales says that a tyrant king ruled by iron and fire. He ignored the feelings of the elite and the commoners and oppressed the philosophers and scientists. He was a smart king who predicted the behaviors of people through spies appointed by his advisor, who collected jokes told by people about the King, his entourage, the growing corruption and greed that had no boundaries. Every day the spies came to the advisor early in the morning to tell their master the new jokes.
One day the spies told him that they did not hear any new jokes for a week. The advisor was shocked and hurried to the King to tell him the bad news. The people arrived to the point of explosion and that if they didn't move today they will tomorrow. The king was panicked and ordered the servants to prepare for a no return trip. The advisor didn't understand and asked why? The king answered, it became more useful for him to survive before the hands of the oppressed and the unfortunate reached him. They have nothing left to fear anymore.

Way of Snakes

The gate

 The butterfly and the iron bars


My crutches

 My crutches

 I'm to leave now

My one day friend, Mark

Honor Crime

 The shiny piaster

Living Crutches


 Ali's Camel

The Crazy Hunter

The Child Woman

 The Chicken Eagle


 The Woman and the Mud Toy

 A competition


"Put in the pannier"


 Omer's Childhood

Advice is Worth a Camel

 The Deposit

The kack Story

Your Tears

 The Three Lovers


 The Shroud Thief

 Fatoom, the Daughter of the Beggars

The Tale of the Enchanted Handkerchief

 The Bride of Necklace of Tales

 The Stepmother


 The Gipsy Clouds

Sofia's Masterpiece Story

The Other

A Word

A Zionist Friend!

These are beautiful Expression - a kind of Haiku


Rifle and Violin

Fall Farewell


Colors Reflection

Laptop's Crystal Screen

The Strawberry woman

Disappointed call

The Guilty World

 My Other Half

 The Whirlwind


 Mary: Angel on Wheelchair

 From children of Gaza

 Mission Impossible

 I am really alone

America and ISIS

 Silky Song

 Jordan Tourism Trails (JTT)


A weapon is not a gun!

Selfish World


Horrible love

Fork, Knife and Pen

A world without conscience

Terrorism everywhere

Mentality of the terrorist

 Good and evil terrorism!

All ships pass, but don't stay

Believers kill non-believers even if they are their parents!

Hunger Games in the Middle East

World of fear

 Can we apologize to Alan?

Download My book: All Ships Pass, But Don't Stay for free

Children of Yemen

 Jerusalem is the capital of Palestine

 A Garrulous Friend

 A Little Fly

The Tree

My Teacher

 Indistinct Dreams

A Song in the Box

 Spread of Madness

 Daily Death


The Cleric

The ugly crease


 My kitten

The Unfair Race

The Rose

The rocky statue

One Man Play

 The Tale of Donkey and Roses

A Desire

 A Letter

 The Clown

My Lovely Bird

The Fight

 Monster Legend

 Sound of Dollars

Zeus and Aphrodite in Jerash- Jordan

Children of the valley or PEACEWADI

Universal Declaration of Human Rights 






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