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Thursday, October 21, 2010

The butterfly and the iron bars

By: Ali Taha Alnobani
© 2011 by THE BIRD(

When I left my childhood there, near the colored stones and shining glasses
A nice butterfly came with me and a spider fell upon my dream
The butterfly flew over the wonderful fields while the spider built her black home in front of my eyes
I tried to follow my mosaic dream, but cobweb became iron bars
When your warm hand shocked me
I felt my strength
So, I tried to have a new chance
The road was foggy
But everything was moving
And the iron bar split me
I saw my face with tears on my butterfly wings
Yellow: glow of beginning
Red: my remarkable dream
Black: cobweb, bars, and killers
Blue: the vast ocean and my cell
I love you
What does that mean?
When the train takes it's way speedily
What can I do with the distance?
What can a sexy moment do with the big battle and a red river full of cries
Forgive me my butterfly
I stared Langley far away
The meta show was unlimited
I couldn’t keep my words
I stared at your nice colors until I lost my story
Now I'm here
My angel became a point in the narrow angles
Colors ended the festival when my strength appeared
With my tragedy
Can we have a new start?
Can we end the maze?
My city is like a mad volcano
Faces had the same canned smiles
And colors became very dry like a long disastrous day
The man with no face cried at me
"Who are you?"
I can't remember,
But a wide look across the triangle faces asked me to say something
I'm a mirror image of my butterfly
I'm digging for a true moment of warm touch and wild love
"who are you?" cried the man again
I'm the friend of beauty who lost his white idea
Who am I?
I can't remember

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