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Big sale

By: Ali Taha Alnobani
© 2011 by THE BIRD(

Since that nice day, I didn't see you
I forgot your profiles
Where is the tree which I met you near?
I was unable to read the map
A mouse was running near my village
A merchant with a cool smile screamed:
"Big sale … big sale"
He had a red car and a bag of dollars
And our tree was there in the long road
It will become a door next few days
The green will turn to dark brown
You were near the red car crying:
"Big sale …big sale"
Your eyes were a computer screen
Your voice was a wolf howling
  Even your lips forgot my kisses
 I couldn’t see any more
The merchant collected his things when I lost every thing
Hey mad merchant
Is that the life you mean?
I will carry my memory to my closed room
Then the window could show me another scene


  1. wonderful writing Ali !

  2. hello! i find your site interesting.. congratulations, good job! :-)

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