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Tuesday, December 19, 2017

Jerusalem is the capital of Palestine

In 1948 the International Zionist Movement occupied most of historical Arabian Palestine. The rest of historical Palestine (west bank) was added to the Hashemite kingdom of Jordan, Jerusalem was one of west bank cities which occupied by the Zionist state (Israel) in 1967.
Before that and through thousands of years Palestine and Jerusalem were - and still - an Arabian land despite all legends and lies of Zionism. Around Palestine there are more than 300 million of Arabs, and more than 1.5 thousand millions of Muslims who won't forget Jerusalem and won't forget Palestine.
Any Battle against the truth will be lost at the end, every meter of Palestine land will talk about Arabic Palestinians who lived and participated in building human civilization for thousands of years.
The United States President Donald Trump tries to implement some crazy legends in the Middle East which threaten the international security and peace, and during that, nobody in the world look at the Israeli crimes in Palestine: killing people by modern weapons, arresting and torture children, confiscation of special properties and public freedoms.
Even if the world forget the decisions of the UN Security Council that was taken to solve the Palestinian issue:
None here will forget.
Palestine is an Arabic land from sea to Jordanian river