Thursday, January 20, 2011


A Syrian folk tale
Translated by: Fateh Kassab 
© 2011 by THE BIRD(

One who consults female pays double or triple.

It is said that there is grave in Damascus. On the tombstone of which those words were written
"One who consults female pays double or triple ''
The story says that a man once committed a crime and was sentenced by the judge, to pay a hundred pounds, be lashed a hundred lashes, or to eat a hundred onions. The man was weak-willed and did what his wife told him to do in every detail of his life. She said to him:
'' The onion, in such cases, is like honey. It is eaten by all people. If you eat a little more than usual, nothing wrong will happen ".
As usual, our   friend did not hesitate.  He chose to eat onions. He started to eat until he reached the sixty-fourth one. His eyes and his lips quivered and his tongue dried in his throat, and declared his inability to eat more onions.
The judge said:
''Now, since you could not eat the onions, you can choose either to pay the hundred pounds or the hundred lashes ''.
He turned to his wife, wondering, she said to him:
''Pain is temporary and within a week or two you will recover. But the loss of money and children is unforgettable''.
 Understanding what she meant, he reluctantly chose the lashes.
The executioner began to count the lashes, and the man was writhing and screaming and his wife was trying to raise his morale. But when the executioner ended the seventy second lash, the man could no more tolerate the pain and screamed
Then the man paid the hundred pounds, and went immediately and asked to see the governor and requested him to authorize him to build a grave alongside the road and be buried there after his death, he wrote on the tombstone:
 "One who consults female pays double or triple ''

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