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Dr. Yousef Rasheed Zreagat
P&D of birth: Jarash, Jordan- 12/8/1964
Nationality: Jordanian
Contact no. : 0772338234- 0796147714
1-    PhD in English Language Curriculums and Methods of Teaching, Amman Arab University, 2013.
2-    Master degree in English literature, Nile Valley University, Sudan, 2006.
3-    Master degree in Tourism, “World Heritage sites Management” .(Applied for Petra Valencia Polytechnic University, Spain, 2009. ( Ecotourism in RSCN Nature Reserves ).
4-    Bachelor degree in English Language, Yarmouk University, Jordan, 1986.
5-    Training Diploma in World Heritage sites Management.(Applied for Petra , Valencia Polytechnic University, Spain, 2007.
6-    Training Diploma in Forest Administration and Management, US Forest Services Dept. North Arizona University, USA, 2010.  
7-    Writing Management Plan for Protected Areas, 400 hours, RSCN, 2008.
·        (Expert consultant) for the Ministry of Tourism and Archeology. Jordan. 1 year.
·        Manager for Dibeen Forest Reserve. United Nations Development Program & RSCN. ( 3 years).
·        Tourism Manager for Dibeen Forest Reserve. United Nations Development Program & RSCN. (One year).
·        Tour guide and programs manager with international Tour Operators. (USA, UK, Australia, European Union  and others).
·        National Field Coordinator & Community Outreach Manager for Harvard University tourism project. Middle East, 2 years. 
·        Manager and owner of Old Testament Research Center. 
·        Photographer and a member of the Arab Photographers’ Union.
·        Local communities’ development expert. 
·        Product Development expert.
·        Head of Jordanian Organization for Heritage Development (JOHD).
·        English Language Lecturer (part time), Jarash National University, Jordan, 2 years.
Training courses:
·        Tours Management.
·        Guidance Techniques.
·        Philosophy of management, RSCN.( Royal Society for the conservation of Nature).
·        Ecotourism concept and applications, RSCN.
·        Training of trainers, (TOT) 3 phases, RSCN.
·        E- Learning Programs, KSA.
·        Leadership and its philosophy.
·        Writing Projects Proposals, RSCN.
·        Participatory Rapid Appraisal (PRA), USA& Jordan
 Abilities and Skills:
1-    Tourism sector training
2-     Skilful in writing reports and articles in English language.
3-    Ability to develop tourism products.
4-    Ability to lead and guide tours.  
5-    Ability to lead and work in harmony in a team, inspiring it as a leader.
6-     Able to work indoors and outdoors under pressure for a long period.
7-     Skilful in conducting researches and participatory rapid appraisals.
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