The strange city

By: Ali Taha Alnobani
© 2011 by THE BIRD(

The strange city was full of nice tales
Intimate streets were painted by canvas of a sail 
Near a building
I saw a beautiful girl
She was walking like a shining planet
Her hair was like a golden fountain
Poplar gods were traveling around her
I can adore without talking
I can walk with the wonderful gods without any barriers
I can say my poetry and dance in the street
I can take a photo for memory
I remembered home
Where gods became suffocated
Where stupid fabrics covered every thing
Where beauty lost the bet
Nothing stayed there
Houses became mad boxes containing foolish ideas
Love and body language became a crime
I left my soul in the strange city
And here
No humanity to deal with
No Poplar gods to say my poetry

1 comment:

  1. I really like the rhythm of this poem and the rhymes were very natural, not forced sounding like some rhymed poems can be. Good poem about a tough subject.
    You don’t have to be perfect to be loved