Saturday, November 7, 2015

A world without conscience

Written by: Ali Taha Alnobani

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Should we try to be rich in any way?
I spent two days in searching on the internet to buy anti slippers tips for my crutches online, there were many choices: some merchants sell bad product with low price, others sell bad products with high price, and surely there are ones who sell high quality products with high price.
Imagine that you are using crutches to walk and should pay 100$ every month for crutches tips. No body Know the importance of crutches tips - or anti slippers- except people with disability- , every day they expose to real danger of falling down on smooth floor, stairs, or street. 
Merchants of our respected world exploit this fact, some of them made bad crutches tips with low price or high price, and others made good crutches tips with high price. Do they know the meaning of their behavior? I found high quality ones, but it were very expensive, and when I dare to buy expensive ones, the surprise appeared: no shipping to Jordan.
Before about a month I visited many warehouses for medical supplies in the capital Amman: they sell very bad kind of these tips, I fall down many times when I used such products, they told me that they won't import high quality tips because it is unprofitable trade, then they advise me to buy online.
Finally I send messages to many suppliers, but they did not reply, merchants are the same all over the world.
I visited more than 100 supplier site, and found a world without conscience.