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Wednesday, March 15, 2023

Market of Nifty

 The National Stock Exchange introduced the market index NIFTY. It is a compound word made up of National Stock Exchange and Fifty, which was created by NSE on April 21, 1996. As the flagship of NSE and a benchmark-based index, NIFTY 50 highlights the top 50 equity stocks traded on the stock exchange out of a total of 1600 stocks.

These companies cover 12 different economic sectors in India, including: consumer goods, energy, metals, pharmaceuticals, telecommunications, cement and its products, autos, pesticides and fertilizers, entertainment and media, financial services, information technology, and consumer goods.

One of the two national indices, along with SENSEX, a creation of the Bombay Stock Exchange, is NIFTY. India Index Services is the owner.


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