Thursday, November 19, 2015

Good and evil terrorism!

Written by: Fateh Kassab

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Like any other person in the Middle East, I followed what happened in Paris carefully.
To start with, I condemn killing people no matter what the reason is. But what attracted my attention and aroused my questions was the speed in which the French security services found, arrested and killed the people who did this terrible act. Also the reports that presented details about the terrorists were somehow, shocking.
The French government knew every tiny detail about them and about their activities. The question is "why didn't the French government stop them when they were spreading their hatred among young people and recruiting them to fight in Syria, Libya or any other area in the Middle East?
The other question is" Is terrorism allowed and encouraged in the Middle East and forbidden in Europe and USA? Again, I condemn any criminal act against humans no matter who they are or where they are. The vast majority of people in the Middle East seek peace and stability, but no one hears their voices or tries to help them. Instead, all help was directed to extremism and terrorism and so most intellects started to believe in conspiracy theory.