Sunday, November 15, 2015

Mentality of the terrorist

Written by: Ali Taha Alnobani

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 A human becomes a terrorist through a long and complicated process of upbringing. He believes that his journey to heaven or paradise passes through killing you or me. The strength of this ideology comes from the closed circle of belief; there is no logical way to reverse or prove the contrary. One day he was an ordinary child with open mind to all thoughts and ideas, but everything around takes him to this critical area.
Sometimes governments consciously or unconsciously pay millions of dollars to grow this mentality; simply they don't take attention to the long term impact of educational curriculum. Teachers are also involved in the same process, they reproduce there complex thoughts which gives us more radicalized image.
How many generations we need to change this reality? Even if we stop all effects: curriculum, teachers, religious associations, society, media, etc.
Can anybody in this world say that he is far away from terrorism risk? I think nobody. For that, we should collaborate to save children's humanness and build their ability to live and love.


  1. I agree! These terrorists must be stopped-not only their actions but their influence on the young and impressionable.