Saturday, December 5, 2015

Anti-terrorism, loud thinking

Written by: Ali Taha Alnobani

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Even if we correct formal education, the problem of terrorism won't be solved. Majority of terrorists receive their Basic education in another stronger way which is related to informal education. They choose everything: the teacher, the environment, the tools, and the final results like: going to Paradise (according to their ideology).
I think traditional school isn't the most successful method to face terrorism. NGOs should take a real role in this difficult task, but how we can reassure that NGOs won't reproduce the same ideas in another shape? We need an in depth programs aware of the impact of all details: leaders of the programs, in depth analysis of their backgrounds, short and long term monitoring and evaluation, and the design of activities.
If we talk about tolerance and the other acceptance, we should have a live and real examples, like famous people who support our vision to have indirect prove for our idea which must base on logic and humanity.
If we talk about justice and equal opportunities, we should discuss all perspectives before going to take a position. Sometimes, someone who you think that he is trifle will surprise you with difficult questions, because life is complex and needs multi vision and various look.
Once, when I was talking about resiliency for children and youth, an experienced person told me that evil ideas sometimes produce resilient people more than good ideas. Since that day I search about the methodology to produce ordinary person who respect himself and the others and do his best to serve co-existence and life future.
Can we think together, how to save our dreams of peace world for generations to come?