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Friday, April 17, 2020

Peoples of the world ... be careful

Written by Ali Taha Alnobani

In these difficult days, as we see the world collapsing before our eyes, the majority of the right and the majority of the left still maintain their strict and biased positions, unconcerned with the pain of millions of people who fell and fall daily into the abyss of poverty, hunger and disease, and are unwilling to show the grave errors of their approaches that may harm Hundreds of millions of people which are the result of greedy capitalist madness here or a dictatorship claiming socialism and insight there.

There are reports of a number of Chinese doctors who warned against Corona early, but the strict control imposed by China on information, bureaucratic obstacles, and terror that chains small bureaucrats when passing information to the long chain of officials until it reaches the decision-maker has not only delayed the response Indeed, but also some Chinese doctors were subjected to the punishment for spreading rumors and spreading fear. As a result, the response was delayed for six days, coinciding with the Moon Year celebrations, and many people were transported until a mass banquet was held for thousands of people in Wuhan.

After that, many countries deported their nationals from Wuhan before the eyes of the World Health Organization, and even WHO (as it published on its official website on 01/10/2020) did not advise at this stage to consider Wuhan as a closed area and prevent travel to and from it as published on its website Official to date: “WHO does not recommend any specific health measures for travelers. It is generally considered that entry screening offers little benefit, while requiring considerable resources. In case of symptoms suggestive to respiratory illness before, during or after travel, the travelers are encouraged to seek medical attention and share travel history with their health care provider. WHO advises against the application of any travel or trade restrictions on China based on the information currently available on this event...” [i]
And I wonder here: What if WHO at that point declared Wuhan a closed city and declared that travel to and from it should be prevented. What if WHO at that point directed all its capabilities to prevent the spread of the disease globally, and block epidemic in its starting point. would not the pandemic end in Wuhan? Would not we have avoided the world all this Loss of lives and money?
Socialists cracked our heads by talking about criticism and self-criticism; but they praise the achievements of the socialist state in China, speaking the language of numbers, and forgetting that man is not a domestic animal until his brain is turned off, his mouth is muffled, his tongue is cut, then he is transformed into a gear in a wheel of crazy production. Indeed, they ignore the other negative numbers: what does it mean to you that 72% of the death sentences in the world be in China, and what does it mean for China to rank in the annual index of press freedom 159 out of 169 countries, and what does it mean to you "the tank man" who stood before a swarm Of military tanks to prevent them from going to the protesters in Tiananmen Square in 1989, and what does this man’s disappearance mean and no information about him has yet emerged? Who are the new quasi-gods who delegate themselves as guardians of humanity in the Chinese Communist Party? Is this what Communism is promising its simple supporters, workers, and peasants?

Hundreds of millions of cameras and sensors monitor every small and large thing in people's lives and do not leave any margin of freedom and privacy. Information about people are collected and stored on a supercomputer, so if they want to judge any one, they extract every tiny or big detail in his life with a click! is this the promise that socialism promised us, If so, I say: Thank you, we do not want it, I would rather die of starvation in a world in which I have the freedom to choose and speak, rather than a group of those who deal with a human being like a piece of a machine manage my life.

Not only that, many analysts say that China presented the magic lamp of Aladdin to the club of the world's top moneymen to reconsider the modern form of the state, so that the whole world becomes a single farm, gets rid of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, and all the covenants that emerged from it, and the human becomes An unknown number without an opinion or position like poultry being slaughtered every day in all parts of the world, and on that day the members of the Senior Financial Club will sit in a revered session like the Communist Party leaders' session in China to decide what is the interest of the people as they see it and not as the people themselves choose.

At this moment, I am ringing the bell and calling on all the people of the world, and I say that we were fighting for dignity, equality, freedom, justice, equal opportunities and participatory, do not allow any of them, neither for the club of finance men, nor for the socialist quasi-gods To erase the covenant agreed upon by the world in 1948 in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and the covenants that emerged from it.
And please remember that freedom and morsel are inseparable, when a person abandons any of them, then he abandons his humanity.

[i]  WHO website

Peoples of the world ... be careful

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