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Monday, May 11, 2020

After Corona, we will return to life and freedom

Written by Ali Taha Alnobani

Since the beginning of the Corona crisis, a phrase spread between journalists and media makers that said: “After Corona, life will not the same as before”.This phrase calls for many questions, as diseases and epidemics have always appeared throughout history, and have gone into their way, then life has returned to normal. Therefore, why this time is not intended for life to back as it was before? Everything says that someone wants to change the world for his favor.

Doesn't this unpleasant statement indicate that there are some who admire seeing people while they are bound by chains and social distancing, no action no effect, nervous and inactive, and that they want this situation to last in order to pass everything they want under the cover of protection from the epidemic and emergency provisions.
Doesn't that indicate that someone is considering international laws and human rights treaties a burden on his plans and an obstacle to his greedy interests?
Doesn't everything that we saw of corruption and injustice in this world indicate that there is a group of people who have villainy and meanness what qualifies them for a conspiracy with this level of degradation and lack of conscience?

It has been customary for many to underestimate the value of human rights and their charters that have shaped international law, inferring their position from the abundance of violations practiced and the sometimes double and negate attitudes of human rights organizations that are apparent like the sun in the middle of the day. It is necessary here to pay careful attention and contemplation before falling into the trap that was set for us in order to give up these references that implicate the world's elites by signing them and then they felt strong remorse. Today they are luring us to give them up to make us naked of strength, and naked from the reference at the same time, and after we were We refer to an article in an agreement or unit and raise our banners to protest and achieve victory here or failure there, we will become without any reference we rely on during revolution or struggle for change.

The year 1971 marked the first time the Swiss women participated in elections despite what we know about Switzerland's progress in the field of human rights now adays. While the United States signed the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, some US states continued to apply racist discrimination against black and colored people until late. As for the Declaration of the Rights of the Child, issued in 1959, it was approved by all countries except the United States and Somalia.
European countries have retained their colonies in Asia, Africa, and others, ignoring all international conventions and the right of peoples to self-determination. Furthermore, The United States delayed signing the Convention on the Prevention and Punishment of the Crime of Genocide for 40 years, as well as the 26-year delay in signing of the Universal Declaration on Political and Civil Liberties, and its delay in signing International Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Racial Discrimination for 28 years. And do not forget the horrific human rights violations committed during the Cold War period: torture and killing, support for tyrannical regimes, the use of internationally prohibited weapons, and support of racist colonial entities like the Zionist entity in the Arab land Palestine.
The countries of the world did not sign the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and the treaties and agreements that emerged from it because of their desire and love for human rights, but because of many factors like:
1-     The pressure of the catastrophic results of the Second World War.
2-      2- the pressure of the peoples of Europe that were exposed to social, political and cultural interactions since the early Renaissance period, Passing through the French Revolution and its slogans that formed the starting point for a new understanding of citizenship, social contract, and the relationship of individual with the state or political entity in which he lives, ending with the two world wars, with all the calamities that befell humanity.

Thus, the ratification of international human rights treaties came in special circumstances; it is not from the awakening of the political elites' conscience that leads the world, because it is simply - as we see every day - the vast majority of them are with no conscience. Do we give up these references that have been achieved for us by historical circumstances and imperatives? What will happen to future generations and us if we allow them to return to zero and give up the references on which we base our discourse, especially in these circumstances in which we suffer from high degrees of weakness and fragility.

The other side that should be paid attention to is the clear confusion between human rights as legal reference on the one hand, and human rights organizations with their suspicious and strange practices on the other hand. We must remember that leaders of these organizations are ordinary human beings who deviate from the right sometimes, fake, take a bribe, and make mistakes. If one of us suspects or sees the lawyer bribing or conspiring against the law, then he certainly will not demand abolition of the law, because abolishing international human rights covenants is a return to the law of the jungle, a loss of reference on which we build our distinction between truth and falsehood and a shameful waiver of generation to come rights in dignity, freedom and life, it is an open instrument for opportunists and varmint criminals in order to violate humanity as they please.

As I watch the oldest democracies comply with the emergency provisions and the extraordinary measures to combat Corona, I am afraid that they will also bow to a radical change that can be adopted by capitalism gangs to forget all human rights and international law. I believe that the time has come for all the peoples of the earth to hang on our inalienable human rights to face the sordid conspiracies that are being hatched in darkness. We should announce our reaffirmation of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.
 After Corona there is return to life and freedom not to the dreams of varmint criminals and Jungle law.

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After Corona, we will return to life and freedom

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