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Friday, November 6, 2020

Trump and Biden: Traditional Capitalism and Fascist Capitalism


Written by Ali Taha Alnobani

while it seems the same for middle east if Trump wins or Biden, I find myself prefer Trump. The explicit nature of republicans generally goes to the same purposes and goals of the democrats in the foreign policy. All the difference between democrats and republicans confined to the smooth appearance of democrats and the strict frankness of republicans.

One of them kills you with a smooth smile, and the second kills you too with grimacing face.

In fact, I think republicans are clear and you can expect what they will do in the future. But on the other side, the smooth smile and the lovely faces of democrats always deceive you, they hide their malicious plans behind that wide smile and cold faces. We saw that clearly in the democratic cook of Obama in the alleged Arab Spring when they preferred to deal with Political Islam to achieve a change in the Middle East, but the change that USA needs, not the change that peoples of the region needs.

Obama project of Arab Spring was cooked in the American decision circles not in participation with Arab peoples. Where is the democracy in that political behavior? Even their name hasn't relation to them.

On the long term, I think that Republicans will not give to the Zionist money lobby everything they want while democrats will do, because the democrats support sources became known to anyone have mind and eyes. At the end, Republicans as traditional merchants living with the mentality of capitalism will say stop to those who want to turn off everything in the world in one moment, but democrats got involved in the dark game a long time ago.

This is what seems clear in the Corona pandemic period. Democrats are creating the general atmosphere for exaggerating the deaths of Corona and going as far as possible to harm small and medium investors in favor of the narrow money lobby that supports them and their hidden agenda.

The corrupt media is focusing on one aspect only. Many doctors, specialists and scientists announced their rejection of the WHO's handling with the Corona virus, but their articles and media materials were described as false by a petty employee in social media, they were being removed absurdly.

In these circumstances, all received information appears to be consistent:

- The Republicans are the ones who stand up to the new world order because it does not suit their ways of earning and living as they are capitalism traditional merchants and farmers as opposed to the money lobby that dominates the global economy.

- The democrats are hiring the pandemic to their benefits mainly now in the elections 2020.

- Most of the media are owned by the new money lobby that passed the traditional capitalism with liberal face to a new shape which seem to be Fascist Capitalism.

In this case, capitalism with its old face will become a dream for the many people who have been waiting for its demise. someone will say that I am talking now about conspiracy theory, so please be quiet and keep calm until seeing the chains that will appear behind the nice smiles of democrats.



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