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Sunday, June 7, 2020

A message to the World Health Organization

Written by Ali Taha Alnobani

Translated to English by Fateh Kassab

Mr. Tiedros Adhanum Gebresos, Chairman /Director of the World Health Organization:

As the Corona Virus pandemic dominates the world, Dr. Peter Daszak, President of EcoHealth Alliance, warned, "There are nearly a million unknown viruses that could spread and infect humans". The World Health Organization has commented that this requires people to be very vigilant, wearing masks and gloves, although this is not enough and does not prevent infection entirely. Parrot/Trivial television stations covered the news with their usual naivety, without any comment except to encourage social distancing, wearing masks, gloves, and dull plastic "space suits".
I ask you, as the World Health Organization, and Dr. Peter Daszak: Did all these viruses appear in this particular year, and will they spontaneously attack us without a warning like the wasp's nest unleashing thousands of diseases that will kill people massively?

Did not these millions of viruses and microorganisms exist and coexist with our ancestors? Sometimes attacking and weakening them, and moving away from them at other times. But this did not stop them moving around the world to explore, build, love, and live life in all its diversity richness and its spontaneous ability to create beginnings and endings, and confront the crazy dreams of the selfless and insane.

And the most bitter question: What is the benefit of living with the tantalizing and disgusting news that you release daily foretelling of death, destruction, disease and ruin, for which you have no solutions but suspicious scenarios saturated with greed and selfishness? Do you want people to die in fear before the time of their death? Do you want to spread depression and pallor over our world after all the injustice that occurred to the poor and miserable people in the world, whose dreams and aspirations were massively destroyed, and they suffered because of injustice and the bullying of the varmints and bandits of the world?

Why do you turn a blind eye to all that is said about the inaccurate statistics of COVID 19 deaths, even though the majority of the speakers are specialists and knowledgeable in the relevant sciences? Why do not you talk about the severe psychological damage to the closure that you proposed on the countries of the world that outweigh the risks of the virus itself? Why do you keep silent about the fake tests that are used to diagnose corona, and why everything that contradicts your view is crossed out on the media pages?

I have long believed in science and urged others to believe in it. However I find myself on a crossroads as the facts strongly indicate that many scientists are involved in a filthy conspiracy aimed at spreading depression and fear and shattering people from the inside, and cutting the chain of social communication that has always been a plant of creativity and beauty throughout human history.

The facts now also indicate that your approach is more dangerous to us than the viruses and diseases themselves. You have turned life into hell, and your dull, dry faces have become a symbol of sterility, death, fear, destruction, pessimism and depression, and I have no choice but to assert that you are conspiring against our inalienable and non negotiable human rights uder the threat of disease and death. I assure you that death is much more merciful than what you call us to live with for your experiments that try to reshape life in a disgusting and bloody way. In light of your illogical and intimidating terrorist approach that steps on the values ​​of humanity and goodness, the state institution in today's world has managed to shirk all human rights covenants and violate the most basic rules of humanity. I am not writing these words in order to bring you back to your conscience, for I know that you lost it before you started this boring and unsuccessful narration, but rather to tell you that your false masks are exposed, ridiculous, and deceive only a clumsy fool.

As for the death that you are trying to intimidate us from and turning it into a terrifying bogeyman, I would like to assure you that it does not fit as a bargaining tool. Death is our oldest friend that lived with us for thousands of years and all of our loved ones who left are waiting for us there in its vast quarters. Rather, the atoms of our bodies yearn to return to our beloved mother, the earth, that daily incites us to get rid of its ungodly children from your likes who feud life, and they print despair and frustration on the faces of our children instead of spreading hope and love. If life is not what we hope with our full rights as human beings; let death be our way for life.

Many of your likes, who thought they were capable of charting their own course of history shaping it the way they want, have passed through our world. Nevertheless, the hidden spirit of human beings and the collective conscience of humanity will throw them a way into a dark corner of human history and life returns free from your prejudiced and hostile destinies of life and people.
Ali Taha Alnobani 
Jerash 4/6/2020


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