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Monday, May 18, 2020

Conspiracy theory ... When is it worthy of reflection?

Written by Ali Taha Alnobani

Conspiracy in dictionary is: "a plot to take hostile action against a government, a country or a person orchestrated by covert persons and determined to implement it against a person, institution or state security."
The conspiracy, according to the previous definition, is a secret agreement between the conspirators. If someone talks about a conspiracy without strong evidence, others underestimate his mind and infer their position that conspiracy theory is the easiest option to explain phenomena. If there is compelling evidence and secrets are revealed, the reason for disparaging speakers at least should be neglected for those who are affected, and it has become a duty to think carefully about how to deal with it and find solutions before the worst happens.

These days, the world is witnessing flagrant attacks on freedom of expression in the name of confronting conspiracy theories, and we note that YouTube, Google and others are closing channels and websites of people who hold a different opinion such as: David Icke, Harry Vox, Vernon Coleman and others on the pretext that their opinions spread lies and conspiracy theories, and threaten Global efforts made against Corona virus. But the reality is completely different, as the follower of these statements finds in it a lot of strength and logic. In many cases, they provide compelling evidence that the other party cannot answer. So, they resorted to withholding the other opinion as a sign of his weak argument, and not his concern for the health of the people he exploited and misled in many cases and circumstances.

In a television interview with the American journalist Harry Vox in 2014, he presented a document released by the Rockefeller Foundation in 2010 is titled: "Future Scenarios of Technology and International Development"; The document describes what is happening in our world today in the Corona crisis with absolute precision: the epidemic, closure, curfews, home quarantine, social distancing, strict security measures, masks and gloves, China's supremacy in the face of the epidemic, local rulers in countries of the world proclaiming emergency and martial law and restricting people's freedoms, etc. ...

The document that was published in 2010, talks about China's superiority in containing the epidemic because of it is a dictator state that has absolute powers. The document hints to a conclusion that democracy and human rights hinder the fight against epidemics and thus hinder development, and thus they reveal a hidden desire to get rid of the rest of the fragile democracy that exists until now, and reveal their strong desire to reach a pure wild capitalist dictatorships Which are not regulated by charters or covenants. So, since the few who use this language - including Rockefeller - own more than half of the world's assets; They then plan to rule the world and turn people into poultry in their farm, offering them for slaughter whenever they want, after they bankrupt a lot of large, medium and small investors and companies around world.

The document is published on the Internet and anyone can download it, it is available in PDF format and has the logo of the Rockefeller Foundation. As far as I know, Rockefeller Foundation has not denied the document despite all the confusion surrounding it, so why do millions of affected people volunteer to deny it if its publisher does not deny it.
Suppose for the sake of argument, that the document is incorrect. Does that not raise many questions? Harry Vox presented the document it in 2014 in a television interview, and this is conclusive evidence that it was written before 2014. How did the author of that document know that China would be the first victors in facing epidemic, and how did he know all what was stated in it about the catastrophic situation that we are living in the shadow of the Corona pandemic, and  worse:  does this document not reveal the dreams of the ruling elites in our world?  Does it not reveal what could happen to our children whom we brought to this world to live and not to become poultry and lab rats in the Rockefeller and Bill Gates farms and their like from the friends of Zionism that wreaked havoc in our homelands, and disrupted all development, democracy and human rights projects in our region.
After that, Harry Vox also talks about the National Security Memorandum No. 200 published on December 10, 1974, in which Henry Kissinger wrote, calling for a reduction in the world's population. Does this conversation not fully coincide with what the Rockefeller Foundation says in 2010, which comes with a practical translation and detailed plan to fulfill the visions of the High Priest.

Let us look back a hundred years ago. Someone predicts at a session with a group of people that global Zionism is planning to occupy Palestine and dominate the Arab world. One of these philosophers will respond sarcastically with a laugh, and will say: You are a follower of the conspiracy theory, and the first one will say: The Zionism  movement has planned to establish a national homeland for them in Palestine in the First Zionist Congress. The second will respond in a way claiming intelligence and profoundness, he will neglect all the evidence provided instead of contemplating and taking precautions. And today, after hundred years, where shall we find that frivolous person who claimed intelligence in order to saturate him with kicking and tell him that everything happened to us from the Atlantic Ocean to the Arabian Gulf was a conspiracy in which stupid people like him participated in pretending to be smart, irresponsible irony, excessive banality, and the inability to distinguish between the conspiracy theory with evidence and conspiracy theory without evidence.

After all the disappointment, misery, failure, and heavy losses we have encountered, some of us still seek an opportunity to make a stupid show of his prophecy at the expense of intelligence, logic, And our inherent duty to see things from all sides in order to reach a better understanding of our reality away from the review, narcissism and hypocrisy of a party here or a party there. We are not talking about the possibility of a house or building being stolen, we are talking about the human accomplishments that have been achieved through long struggles that are now threatened with total disappearance.

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