Wednesday, November 22, 2017

Children of Yemen

Written by: Ali Taha Alnobani

The suspicious silence towards what happening in Yemen is not normal. Those who were talking about humanity for long years are now facilitating blockade around necks of millions of Yemen children.
Human rights organizations have no voice, world's free populations have no voice too, and millions of children crisis became reports, just reports
I feel that there are some investors studying there future projects after the ugly death of Yemen's children, those investors are new kind of Dracula appeared in the new Millennium who prefers death wholesale for any barriers can delay their greed.
Before about 20 years we saw a lot of demonstrations around the world to prevent or stop war, but now no body try to do anything to help Yemen children. I can't find any reason for ignorance except the fact of poor country with no interests with others.

If our world let down children of Yemen now, then who can guarantee human rights in any other place in this world? I think it is now the time to stop war against children in Yemen, it is the time to do something to prevent the continuous crime.

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